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About US

Akaarah MediaTech Pvt Ltd is promoted by Sajikumar Nair with an intention to create a media platform for specialised periodicals, undertaking contracts for print and digital publications including supply of contents as well as ready to roll-out products as per requirements and delivering excellent media services for small and mid-sized enterprises. The company is a one-stop-shop for integrated media and public relations services in digital and print form with diversified support of information technology assistance that would suit your business environment for building a professional impression.

We have an aggressive presence in the class market of small and mid-corporate segments through our periodicals in print and digital models with a specialised team for handling all their media service needs, which include special features for product, corporate and management image building.

The company has three major verticals as:

  1. Specialised Periodicals with Special Projects and Supplementary Coverage
  2. Comprehensive Media and Public Relation Services from complete web care to Product Launch and Corporate Announcement
  3. Digital, Software and Technology Services

What we offer

Contract Publication of periodicals, including supply of content and complete editorial management

Contract for publishing in house journals and periodic study reports

All types of book publication including educational books

Special Occasion Souvenirs

Promotional Materials

Book Writing Support

Comprehensive Media and Public Relations Service

Digital Media Support, including setting up, managing and marketing through digital platform

Web management

Software product and service solutions

Message from Chairman and Managing Director

Good time starts at a bad time. The sky is blue when the clouds are rained out that usually satisfies the seeds to shoot their first leaves. Pandemic induced lockdown wasn’t the best time to ponder on a new initiative. But I held a different perspective to the popular belief. I jumped in to promote a media and technology venture roping in a highly committed, dedicated and determined team, who came with long years of experience and mend-ability to support my vision.

If we don’t take a risk, we don’t succeed. But taking any risk blindly is also not sensible. I have taken a calculated risk and structured this venture in such a way that performers are rewarded with more than they expect. Under-performers are neither sheltered by any institution nor are we. Nevertheless, we have a system to pick up the right talents and deploy them appropriately.

My team is aware of my resolute approach to establishing a faultless system, which carries out every task smoothly giving no reason for anyone to pass the buck of failure to others. Today, I am confident of my team’s capabilities, commitments and dedication. I know they are aware of the competition in the field they are engaged in. I also know they are aware of being unique in their business approach, innovative in product development and exploratory in their attempt to find a niche.

As an establishment with a professional corporate culture, we make all attempts to derive maximum value from our mutually complementing synergy between media and technology, the two key verticals of our business. Our unique business model will have a space for every small business and corporate establishments. In fact, no modern corporate establishment will have reason to remain unrelated to us in terms of business. Our entire group business basket will have one or the other unavoidable product for everyone. While offering a service paradise and amazing products our relationship with our customers will be for a lifetime, touching everyday life.

Sajikumar Nair

Our Strength

Strong management with highly professional talents, who are capable of understanding each client’s present and future needs based on their business profile, present resources, future planning, etc. Our pool of experts in information technology, print media and media marketing heading each vertical is the best in the industry with an aggregate of more than a century of man-day experience.

Our Mission and Commitment

Many small and medium enterprises are found to be unable to fulfill their dream of accessing an optimistic media world in these days when champions go viral and dominate the public mind space.

There are many small business owners who are unable to showcase themselves as a professional business entity and run their own division of publicity and media relations when they are ready with new breakthroughs and product roll-out announcements. Our study also found, many future potential companies are unable to build and maintain their own web platforms with adequate content on their ownership and business information in it. That stumbles their growth and future customer generation. We have seen many institutions which fall back to be content with not so professional publicity materials available to them. Many talented writers look for polishing their skills with professional support to fructify their dreams of being venerable authors.  We offer an erudite and cutting edge service with unmatchable professionalism. We are committed to deliver each of our clients the utmost satisfaction and unique experience upon the lasting service they may fetch from us.



To be a highly innovative and technology-driven media and technology solutions platform for MSMEs and erudite book writers, and be a niche publication with time-to-time special initiatives in the MSME, Healthcare and Agri business space, while supporting the digital marketing dreams of those who dream a sport in it.

Meet our Team.

Strong management with highly professional talents, who are capable of understanding each client’s present and future needs based on their business profile, present resources, future planning, etc. Our pool of experts in information technology, print media and media marketing heading each vertical is the best in the industry with an aggregate of more than a century of man-day experience.

Sajikumar Nair, Chairman and Managing Director & Editor

Sajikumar Nair is an author, blog-writer on socio-economic issues and columnist on issues of human nature and education. His first book, By Heart, was published in 2019 and the second book titled, Inside the Blanket of Infection is in the final stage of releasing to the public. He has more than one and half decades of experience in heading a flourishing company, Afford Group, Navi Mumbai, engaged in integrated logistic services. He has built the company singlehandedly from scratch to a multi-crore turnover Business Group and made it one of the best and most trusted integrated logistic service Groups in Mumbai. He has a proven track record in turning around small companies and building a multi-product business group with sound management systems in place. He also has interest in agripreneurship with focus on innovation and rural women empowerment.

Sajikumar Nair is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company and Editor of all Group Publications.

Udaykumar K.V, Chief executive officer & Editor

Udaykumar is a journalist, content writer and copy editor with an experience of more than two decades in editorial management, strategy preparation and implementing projects of special features. He is specialised in MSME business, including MSME banking as well as in business and financial journalism. While being a prolific writer, he has sound knowledge of business operations of companies engaged in various industries, their challenges, government policies pertaining to MSMEs, etc. He also has experience in advising troubled MSMEs to find solutions to their troubles and set a new track of business.

Leon Anthony, Head - Print Media

Leon Anthony has more than two decades of experience in managing the print media team being the head of space marketing, commercial features and various special initiatives. With being an aggressive sales person, he has a successful track record of turning around print media through various special initiatives. He has sound knowledge of India’s MSME business, MSME banking and other business and financial verticals catering to the MSME segment. Leon Anthony heads the company vertical that focuses on Specialised Periodicals with Special Projects and Supplementary Coverage

Pramod Poduval, Chief Technology Officer

Pramod Poduval is a computer engineer and was a trainer at a software education institution. He is specialised in building digital platforms and software products for small and medium enterprises, web-development. He has many years of experience in technology team management and various creative works. Pramod Poduval heads the company’s technology division as Chief Technology Officer.

Jayasankar Madathery, Head - Digital

Jayasankar has more than two decades of experience in print, digital and electronic media as a marketing in charge at zonal level. He has an excellent track record of relationship management and client servicing. He was closely involved in management of specialised print magazine and business portal management and being instrumental in converting the models as preferred platform of their target segments. Jayashankar heads the vertical of Comprehensive Media and Public Relation Services of the company.