What we do as a Media company ?


As a media company, our strength lies in understanding the right space for us in the market. We have identified a huge niche segment for ourselves, beyond the mass communication media. We have identified a class-market for us and defined it to include digital, print, variable audience targeted and special purpose journalism. By digital, we mean paperless reading on your smartphone palmtop in a superior quality animated version with a different feeling of a magazine and tabloid reading.

The company currently runs two publications, one a business publication named Ecostar Business and another a life science Magazine named Swasthya Veda. More specialised publications are on the anvil. 

We also support corporate in-house journals, the journal for associations, organization’s promotional journals in print and digital flip-book in animated format and the complete contract editorials, which include content generation, copywriting and subbing, layout support, etc.

The media division also supports business establishments with product literature, promotional brochures, web-content support, regular content feeding, etc.

Public relations works, which include making Press Releases on new announcements, quarterly result announcements, profiling of top management.

 Our technology division is engaged in product and application development with an approach to cover a huge uncovered business segment, which includes micro-business segment to large corporate segment. We provide even a micro business with a very easy to operate application in its own name and operate in a technology environment, thereby drastically cutting his strains and operational cost but with a new image. Any dreaming entrepreneur can start a business with a virtual store saving hugely on rentals and reach out to his or her client base through a smartphone in his or her chosen geography.

 The division is also engaged in developing many path-breaking software products, which will revolutionise certain segments for the benefits of its customers and the efficiency of the service providers.

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