Social animal’s social distancing :Lost friendship and closed doors

The pandemic is changing human friendship and relationship. The term “social animal” is being redefined as the circumstance compels the most intelligent animal on earth to be more self-centered in the name of precaution. The gap of relationship is widening and each of us is moving into a seclusion under duress.

The Greek philosopher and polymath, Aristotle said, “man is by nature a social animal”. It was after the era of Aristotle, every pandemic caused by human-to-human transmission that historians noted had happened. Pandemic might have happened in the ancient days too but without too wide a call for social distancing as we see now. The world was much larger at that time unlike what we call it today as a village. As the world shrank, people could make more friends faraway. But the 21st century pandemic called Covid-19 turned everything topsy-turvy.

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