Two Central level Administrative Reforms Commission (ARCs) over four decades and our own rule for more than seven decades couldn’t change our administrative culture. This is the system that defeats all the so called reforms. This is what is unconvincing the public about the changes on the ground.

Surely YES. In terms of technology sophistication we have been steadily going up. We can boast ourselves of being the champion of information technology that is changing the world into the ideal 21st century character. The technology is boosting efficiency, transparency and public comfort. Yet, the public at large is a lot dissatisfied in dealing with what is to rightfully come to them. One may not miss the ghost of the British legacy if he or she visits a Central or State government department. A stamp paper selling point, notary spot, post office registered mailing counter, office of various registrations, the Tahsilldar offices, office of industry commissioners and even the courts still bear the British legacy significantly. Hardly anyone visiting these places would be satisfied with the services they get from the so called public servants.

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