First, let’s ensure medicines work

In the Ayurveda, ailments are treated in a different way as the medicines enable patients to sustain the trouble by building necessary immunity within the body system. Medicines treat patients not the supposed diseases by which the patient is permanently free from the torments. But there is a growing concern of creeping spurious elements in formulations. That is not only dangerous for a group of patients but for the entire stream of India’s traditional medical science. I am very particular about the quality of ingredients in medicine. Nowadays, it is often seen some patients do not react well to certain medicines, though those are the correct medicines for their ailments. It is mainly because of poor quality components used in medicine manufacturing. Certain medicinal plants and components are available only in particular regions or grown in gardens in organic ways. We need to depend on this if we are serious about curing ailments sustainably and serving the patients with a sense of commitment, says Dr DILEEPKUMAR PP, MD (Ayurveda) and PhD in Dravyaguna in free-wheeling inter- view with Swasthyaveda :

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