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Rising concerns of divorce

The rising rate of divorce in India is the result of young generation’s unwillingness to compromise with even minor discomforts. That cuts a huge space of happiness in their and makes mess of their most productive period in life. That also opens bigger space for prolonged unhappiness and loneliness in life. They will be able to measure the depth of the crisis only after sometimes. Regret never would return their precious life. Marriage is not like buying something online, it is a serious future family building.

The United States reportedly has a staggering rate of marriage collapse; one in every two fails. This rate of divorce is no less than a devastating standard for India, where marriage is construed to be a lifetime moral and legal bond. Let the God forbid the US standard for India.

Young Americans have everything around them. They claim to have ultra liberal society, sophisticated living comforts and an opportunity to live in a land that is said to be at least 10 years ahead of the remaining world. The people having more social freedom use freedom to change their wives. Hence, there is nothing unusual, if divorce cases rarely shatter the US society. This is not an ideal fashion for new generation Indians, where ethos cast a psychological binding.

So divorce might sound horrendous for India, where lasting marriage and strong family bond are inseparable part of the culture. An identity that gives us lasting peace of mind cannot be overlooked for want of being irrationally fashionable and for show off being liberal thinking society. We draw a clear line to stay firmly within. That is good, though some may ask, what is wrong in going by the free world fashion. Let’s not forget, what we acquire through education are not only some skills for meeting the belly task, but also common sense and values. That’s what we call education, beyond simple literacy.  

When exciting young minds become whimsical and infatuation drives them, they find no value in culture. As they pass their ages, they would naturally regret, because we don’t have ancestral record of changing wife many a time under any infatuation or desire. 

Parents also have roles that do not end by spending more and more money on their progeny’s education. They also need to offer them good lessons on how compromise is often necessary for a stable family life.

Our cities are seemingly looking towards the west where marriage is like one changing of private jobs. Our culture and ethos never would make us think of accepting this fashion – at least for the elder generation. Yet, we are afraid of the changes. Cities demand for more family courts. Thousands of newly married couples are brooding in silence in the chamber of judges. The sights are heart-rendering for parents. This decade has seen a four-fold rise in the number of couples ending their marriage in matter of months for reasons unheard of in the country. Now there are post-engagement divorces, before the marriage is solemnised. 

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